The Aluminum for silver project


I love taking walks, long aimless walks. My kids will likely complain about them to their significant other about how their dad took them for these stupid walks. However to me they are not aimless at all they are great for clearing your mind and thinking about things that one can’t really do when one is at home or in the car. However there is a secondary part to this walk, I collect aluminum cans. They are every where and look terrible. These cans are aluminum and aluminum is worth money. After cleaning them off the side of the road, I bring this aluminum to a local recycler who pays me for them. It’s generally 3-5 dollars. This may seem like not very much, however I put this money aside and when I get enough I use it to buy silver.

This is why I call it the aluminum for silver project. The aluminum isn’t of any real value to me and I would rather get money for my efforts.


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