10 Reasons Megatron is the good guy (and Autobots the bad guys)

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In the newest series of Transformers Prime just like the original series the Decepticons are made out to be the bad guys. Apparently the reason for this is that Megatron started a war with the leadership of Cybertron because they wouldn’t let him be a Prime. The story is a bit vague and told from the perspective of the Autobots. This would obviously make Megatron to be the bad guy.

Megatron was a gladiator who was the greatest gladiator of all time. He was apparently so good that people (Transformers) started to follow him. He did not believe in the Autocratic government of Cybertron and there for asked to be a Prime. For what ever reason he was denied this. Most likely because they only allow people (Robots?) with proper grooming to become one. Unlike Megatron who was some Gladiator from the pits. This leads to him starting a rebellion and wanting to take over the government for himself. The final result is the destruction of Cybertron and the Autobots and Decepticons running of to earth.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding this whole situation. Why was Megatron denied leadership? Who supported this rebellion? Who destroyed the planet of Cybertron? What happened to all the other Cybertronians?

1 Megatron is on Earth and he does not attack the Autobots. He is trying to gain energon to be able to go back to Cybertron.

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2 The war is essentially over cause there is no Cybertron to fight over but yet the Autobots keep on attacking the Decepticons.

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3 In the series it is very clear that the Decepticons have a peace treaty with Earth and will not bother them as long as they don’t bother the Decepticons. The Decepticons secretly harvest Energon and don’t really make their presence known. However their actions keep on being interrupted by the Autobots.

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4 Megatron is constantly slapping Starscream back into place and telling him not bother with the Autobots.

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5 Autobots and the Decepticons have the same goals. They want to restore Cybertron.

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6 Unicron attacks the Earth and it is Megatron who makes a treaty with the Autobots.

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7 Starscream leaves the Decepticons and joins the Autobots and persuades them to attack the Decepticons.

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8 Did I already say that the Decepticons are harvesting energon in peace and it is the Autobots that are attacking the various sites.

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9 After Optimus loses his memory Megatron convinces him to start to decode the Cybertronian library. He doesn’t force him to do that.

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10 Only after the Autobots take away the Decepticons ability to revive the planet in season one the Decepticons actively attempt to wipe out the Autobots.

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Even though the series does make it appear that the Decepticons are the bad guys. In looking at the overall situation that is going on in PRIME, I think the situation is a bit more complicated then that.

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4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Megatron is the good guy (and Autobots the bad guys)

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  2. The entirety of this post is wildly and patently disingenuous and misrepresentational. I suggest you actually go back and watch the show and pay attention to who is the aggressor and who is not.

      • First of all Megatron says that he wants to return to Cybertron to finish the war. Second, he has decided and stated many times that he wants/should be the ruler of Earth as well (he says this as part of the truce you over glorify). Megatron, because he was slighted in not being made a prime, has sworn revenge on those who spurrned him. He has basically thrown an over blown temper tantrum and needs energon to raise his army. This is said over and over again in the series.

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