Just cause I question it (doesn’t mean I am against it)

Humans are political by nature and like being involved in other peoples lives. People like discussing issues with one another and the internet has done an amazing job connecting people with one another. The fact alone that you can talk about events occurring all around the world with people from all over is amazing. But one would think that this ability would lead to people becoming more open minded or at least more educated about various view points that are out there. This is something that is part of being human, you grow and learn about the world around you.

Here are some recent gems that I picked up from online. In regards to the Ukraine situation if you are not actively denouncing Russia then you are Putin’s BFF. If you don’t actively denounce Hamas you are a terrorist and should join them in the middle east. If you are not actively supporting the Democrat party then you obviously are a Koch paid operative who hates minorities and the poor. There are so many more gems out there that you just want to run out of the room screaming. Seriously, just cause you don’t necessarily agree with one side or are maybe questioning a situation. That doesn’t mean that you are for the opposite.

Part of becoming an adult is rationality and proportionality. Letting your 9 year shoot an uzi is probably not the smartest thing to do. However I would never want to take away some ones right to own guns. Doing research and actively being engaged is a sign of maturity, but attacking someones views because they don’t align with yours and then saying that they obviously must be the complete opposite of yours fails to take a lot into account. In the NFL there are many teams, some are rivals, some are not. If I watch a game, I am not necessarily going to cheer for the team opposite of yours (I would support my own team).

But for whatever reason in politics or foreign policy it seems to be that things are all or nothing. You are either for open borders or for creating fortress America. This to me makes little to no sense. I mean I like Coke but I would be just as happy drinking a Dr Pepper. Things aren’t always do or die. In fact many thing, with research and historical understanding, will actually lead you to think that most of the time they are not as black and white as people make them out to be.


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