What if peace could be attained by playing the piano?

While in New Orleans…

When I was in New Orleans there were a lot of street performers there. It was a real mix of some awful stuff and some really amazing stuff. One of the men that performed played the song sitting on the edge of the dock and I will be honest, you finally understand where that song was written. New Orleans really is the big easy, the atmosphere is relaxed and there is a very lazy feel about the place. I sat around at the edge of the Mississippi drinking coffee and watching the tide roll in. In the future I would love to return at some point.

The reason I am telling you this is because I was looking through these photos: http://news.distractify.com/people/complex-humans/?v=1. It is a series of photos about the human experience. It is an amazing contrast of violence and sadness vs happiness and joy. I don’t think anyone can look out those photos without feeling some kind of emotion. One of the photos about half way down shows a rioter playing the piano and it reminded me of one of the street performers I met in New Orleans. He was a young man who played piano on a mobile piano. The piano was attached to a bike.

Me and another guy struck up a conversation with the man. We tlaked about what he played and how he had gotten started. Apparently he has been doing this for years and has been all over the world. He was an amazing player and was traveling all over the US in order raise money for his travels over seas. Apparently his real passion after playing the piano is to place himself in areas that are struck by conflict. He had been to Sudan and had placed himself there between some of the troops and the local population in order to get them to stop fighting. I think he also said he had been to Afghanistan but I didn’t entirely catch it. Regardless of which it is still amazing to think that someone would want to place themselves in harms way in order to establish some kind of peace.

It really did affect me profoundly to think that there are really people out there who would do this kind of action. The man said he had been shot at before but would gladly do it again in order stop violence. I would hope that there would be more people who would willing to do this kind of thing in order stop violence from happening. Its one person who is playing a piano that can make a difference.

(I have not been able to locate the individual online)


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