Top of the litter car picks for 2014


One of the toughest decisions one will make is what car you are going to buy. There are many choices for people out there. This article Is written by Eric Peters who has a common sense approach to buying cars and these are his top picks for 2014.

Going for a test drive is smart policy. The problem for most people is that test-driving all the available cars is not unlike visiting every Starbucks in the country. It’s not easy – and it would take a lot of time.who's number 1?

I, on the other hand, test drive new cars every week. And by dint of that, have test-driven pretty much every car on the market. I’ve distilled all that down to the following recommends – for this year –  which I hope will save you some time or at least. get you pointed in a good direction!

* 2015 Honda Fit –

Yes, technically, it’s next year’s model. But as is common practice in the car business, the next model year is often made available in the preceding calendar year. Anyhow, what makes the Fit a great fit?

Though it’s very small on the outside – and so, very easy to park and maneuver – it has more room inside than much larger cars. How about more backseat room in this compact-sized car than in a mid-sized car like the Honda Accord? And 41 MPG on the highway, too.'15 Fit pic

But it’s not purely about practicality. The Fit – like the Civic CRX of the ’80s – is also a fun car, with a typically Honda rev-happy engine and an also typically Honda shifter (in manual equipped versions) that’s pure pleasure to play with. Oh, and there’s no fuel economy penalty to going with the manual over the optionally available (CVT) automatic – as is usually the case these days.

Well, in the competition’s cars.

Full review is here.

* 2014 Mercedes E250 –

Luxury cars are many things, but rarely economical to operate. And the few that have been easy on gas have typically been hard on the soul – being embarrassingly slow.'14 E250 pic

The E250 up-ends all that via a devastating two-punch of diesel power and (for the first time ever in a big Benz) four-cylinder diesel power. Just 2.1 liters – in a 4,200 pound car. But with 369 ft.-lbs. of torque available right now ( from about 1,500 RPM on up) you still get to 60 MPH in less than 8 seconds. And you’ll also get 45 – or better – on the highway. The Benz also costs thousands of dollars less than its less efficient rivals from BMW (5 Series diesel) and Audi (A6 TDI).

As they say in Germany, ausgezeichnet!

Full review is here.

Read the rest of the article here.


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