My motivation for not Smoking


When I was 16 I started smoking cigarettes. I am not entirely sure why I even started, many of the people I knew smoked and also many of the people I worked with smoked. It was a way of just being able to relax and kick back. Especially when you work at a job that is busy and you need a quick break to calm down. Its sort of odd in a way that I even started smoking, I was into sports and I was concerned about my health.

Looking back on those days you realize that you don’t have a lot to worry about except go to school, go to work and hang out with friends. Most of my friends smoked and we would talk about how cool it was too smoke. But as time rolled it was harder and harder to quit. Whether it was just something to do or to wake up in the morning I had a cigarette with almost every routine. Its that first cigarette in the morning cigarette, the after lunch cigarette and the “I am driving home after a long day of work cigarette.” Also lets not forget much of your social life is going out and smoking with people. Its funny cause you can ask almost any other smoker about and they will tell you the same thing.

Personally I am not against smoking, I see many people do things to their bodies that I would say are worse then smoking. These things are eating too much candy and or being overweight. Too me they are not really different from smoking. But apparently these are accepted parts of life and smoking for the most part is not. I tell most people what I think of smoking that’s its not good for your health and that’s it. I wouldn’t force someone too quit through special rules.

I quit about 6 years ago after smoking close to ten years and yes it is one of the toughest things I have ever done. It is really really really tough! But I can tell you that after about 4 months I was very happy I did it. I think there really has to be a reason to quit. Otherwise you go back to it. My motivation was my first born son and that i wanted live a long life with him. I literally quit (went cold turkey) the day he was born and have never smoked since. If I can do it, I know that you can also do it. Its a matter of finding a reason to quit and you will never look back.


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