I didn’t do courtship (On The Fundamental Flaw with Courtship)

My beautiful wife and me

My beautiful wife and me

I recently read the article “Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed” and I can tell you that it definitely resonated with me. This is cause I was raised in a conservative house hold and I experienced with full force the book “I kissed dating goodbye.” My dad even taught the course at my church. This is why this article struck home with me, it really put forward a lot of the issues that I had with the whole issue of courtship. That’s not to say that I completely disagree with courtship, however there is a healthy balance between dating and going steady. Also lets not forget that this article doesn’t dismiss courtship outright, it addresses some of the pitfalls that this form of relationship has.

I posted the image of my wife and me cause I didn’t court my wife. We dated over the course of a couple of months before we actually started “going steady”. I did however ask her dad for her hand in marriage. I feel that it is a sign of respect, also it shows that you realize that you are joining families and that you are entering into his family. I have now been very happily married for almost 8 years and wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Counter articles to this article: http://thechristianpundit.org/2014/08/20/of-course-courtship-is-fundamentally-flawed/




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