Minivan or SUV


One of the ultimate dilemmas that most parents of more then one child runs into is “what kind of car do we get to haul all our clan around”. The choices generally are Minivan or SUV…okay there is also station wagon such as the Pacifica, the Ford Flex or even a Subaru. But in this article I can’t really factor those in. It might be something for the next article on what car to get. Both SUV and Minivan have their advantages. They range from price, fuel efficiency, safety, internal room and lets not forget looks. These are all very important things when buying a car for your babies.

We can start of by saying that minivans automatically start at a disadvantage just on account that it implies you are a parent and generally lose a lot of cool points. Also as a man you have to hand in your man card. Lets not forget the minivans of 80 and 90s, many of which were essentially easy bake ovens. Even with all of the body style changes and awesome additions that minivans have such as lots of leg room, sliding doors, rear air conditioning, multiple screens it can’t really over come the stereo type and memory of people who suffered through the 80’s and 90’s. The SUV on the other is a beast by itself. SUV’s have always been considered cool and definitely do not suffer from a bad image. Even though in the 80’s and 90’s they had their own issues such as blown out tires and because they rode high therefor they could flip relatively easy. Both have come a long way since then.

Lets lay out the upsides and down sides of both. Suv’s are generally considered safer then minivans or almost any other car on the road. This is largely due to their steel frame, steel engine and ofcourse their impressive physiques. There is a bit of truth to that though they are quite safe for those reasons. However minivans are also very safe and from having looked at safety ratings minivans get 5 star crash ratings which is the same as a lot of SUVs. Minivans also have higher ratings then Suv’s when it comes to roll overs. Just to clarify I am not an expert on this whole subject, so please don’t construe this as me saying hey you should get this or that car cause its safer or what ever.

Edmunds does a pretty good summary of Safety in Minivan.

In the end it does come down to personnal preference and of course the fact the minivans have an added stigma to them. So I understand in buying an SUV. However I do drive a minivan myself largely because of the reasons I listed above even though an SUV would be great to have. Maybe one day when the kids are out of the house. Owait, no then I am going to buy a Porshe 911 Carera convertible.


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