I can teach myself anything (including Karate)

karate for beginners

One of the reasons I love the internet is that you can learn anything you want. There are videos and blogs on just about anything you can possibly imagine. The worlds specialist are posting their ideas and learnings all over the internet. Many of the most famous universities have posted their lessons on line so you can theory attend Harvard without actually having to go to class. But it isn’t just in the academic sphere where this, you can ask questions and people wil answer, infact on a forum like Reddit you can interact wit field experts from rocket designers to hair cutters. It is amazing.

This leads me to tell you that I started teaching my son Karate. Okay, I attended Judo and karate when I was young but I don’t remember very much from it. Maybe some of throws and the yelling and that is about it. But my son was asking me to teach him Karate. So I pulled up Youtube just to see if I can help him along and lo and behold there are multiple series on basic  to advanced Karate. We started working on it together and he is getting to be pretty good at it. In fact I am not considering buying him a Gi (Karate Uniform) and a hand held punching bag.


This is the series I am currently following. Karate for Beginners. The video is definitely amateur however my kids love and one of the best part is that it actually teaches them Karate. It definitely focuses them and last but not least it wears them out so after one session the are actually pretty tired. For me it also wonderful to spend such quality time with them and I always wanted to learn Karate soooo its kind of a win win all around. I conclude by saying, if you want to learn something, anything just google it and I am fairly confident you can learn all about it.


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