Buy once, buy twice


My wife is a woman who is amazingly practical. Its amazing what she does with very little money. I guess some of the reason for this is that she was brought in a family where her dad worked 4 jobs to provide and income. Another reason is that it is her nature to try figure out the best way possible. This is one of those things that we can argue over, she thinks that her way is the most practical and efficient, which many times is true. However what she has found out over the years is that just cause her way is the most efficient doesn’t mean other peoples (my) ways are wrong only different. In fact it has taken her years to trust me in almost everything.


The reason I bring this up is because she taught me a very valuable lesson. Its that you can do things one of two ways, do the best way the first or be prepared to do it again and again. Where I see this most applied is in the items she buys. She buys the best of the best the first time. This generally involves her waiting for a sale and saving for item but then she will buy it. For instance she bought a Scion XA when I first met her. That was almost 10 year ago and 130k miles later the car is still driving around with no issues. She has been angling to buy Wusthoff Knives the last couple of months. She finally found a good sale and bought them. According to her, these knives should last forever (if we take care of them).


This philosophy doesn’t just stop there, but it also applied to the mixer she bought which was the Kitchen Aid Professional hd. Even though the next one down was 100 dollars cheaper. I could go on and on and on. The reasoning behind these purchases is that if you buy it the best the first time and you take care of it you will never need to buy it again. Which makes alot of sense. The mixer may have cost me 300 dollars, but if I bought the next one down for 200 and it broke within 5 years I would have to spend those 200 dollars again and again. Meaning that if I lived till I was 80 I would spend 2000 dollars during this period. I think there are plenty of things I would rather spend my money on then a new mixer every 5 years. But this concept can be applied to much in life whether its cars, mixers, knives or even your health. Its best to spend the money up front and get the best then have to buy new things every 5 years.



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