The World is our Classroom – A Homeschool Mom

This is a wonderful article by A Homeschooler Mom and shows that you don’t need a classroom for learning. Its wonderful to see others have the same view.


“I think most homeschoolers dream of having a place to call their own. You know… a dedicated ‘homeschooling’ space where the bulk of our learning gets done. While not all of us have a dedicated room to do our schooling in, we are fortunate tocall the world our classroom; learning takes place anywhere and everywhere!”

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3 thoughts on “The World is our Classroom – A Homeschool Mom

    • Totally, we homeschool as well and I really try to every where we go as a moment to teach my children things. As some one who went through the traditional school system I have a hard time seperating the idea that you need a dedicated class room to learn and taht is the only place you learn. Which is so far from the truth, but yet it endures. Thank you for the wonderful post. I have shared another one of your other posts too and I linked to your front page.

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