The new Transfomers series


I am very excited! This is because I found out that there will be a new Transformers series coming out. It takes places after the last series that the Transformers had, Transformers Prime. This new series ****SPOILER ALERT**** will focus on Bumblebee and him leading a team of Autobots on planet Earth. He is hunting down a group of Decepticons who crash landed on earth on a prison/military transport space ship. There hasn’t been much else released about the series but looking at the preview it appears as though there will be a bunch of new Autobots and Decepticons introduced (both all together new to the Transformers universe and some old ones that weren’t shown in the Transformers Prime series).

Here is the preview:

The animation style is a drawn style which is different from the previous series. It looks very clean and I wonder though if it will me more cartoony and geared towards younger kids. I don’t know. I also wonder whether the Rescue Bots will cross over at some point. However it will be awesome to see GRIMLOCK!!!! I am very much looking forward to see what they will be introducing in this series. It is coming out in April 2015.

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