My daughters heroes


I love my daughter and I want nothing but the best for her. But I can honestly tell you that it worries me sometimes that I am raising her in this world today. I am constantly bombarded by warnings of that she will lose all confidence by the time she is a teenager. That she wont want to do math or be interested in science. She will be called “bossy” and she will very likely find some loser boyfriend. So yeah, way to be optimistic about having a daughter. It makes one wonder why anyone would even want a daughter. Right?

While I cannot predict what the future holds for my daughter (soon to be daughters). I can tell you that as a father I feel a bit overwhelmed about her future. You are very much flooded with a steady message of women are mistreated and society doesn’t value women and so on. So what to do? How do I raise a daughter that is strong and does what she wants to do? The most positive part in all of this is that she has wonderful example in a mother that is head strong and marches to the beat of her own drum. Her mother is fiercely independent and people follow her example. She inspires others to try new things. So on that front we are good.

Further more, there are strong women all around my daughter. Her aunt is flobotomist (she draws peoples blood). Her other aunt is world class editor. Her great grandma was a nurse and I could go on and on. So on that front I am not worried. Furthermore, I do believe in a certain amount of laisez faire approach to parenting and on that front I would not be worried. Even if she decided that she wanted to get married and be mom it would be delightful, because in looking at the women in my family that are moms, they are all happy and contented women.

But yet, I do still worry about her. The constant barrage about girls not getting ahead in technology, science, medicine and so on. What am I supposed to do as a father to encourage this?


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