Geek Girl World

geekgirlsworldlogoOne of my friends from long ago launched a website geared toward girls and geekiness.  Which is really great! Unfortunately this is a segment of society that is kind of over looked. Sure there are nerds and geeks among boys but among females its a small and largely overlooked. The reason I know that this exists besides this website is that my wife kind of falls into this category. She is  a Firefly and Farscape fanatic.

The beauty of these series is that many of the females on these shows are strong independent women, just look at Captain Janeway, the Warrior woman and so on. They are wonderful examples of women who are strong in their own right. They are also diverse and range in their profession. For instance you have warriors, engineers and leaders. So while for the moment I am stuck with Elsa and Anna in the future I will have my daughter watching these other programs that will hopefully show her that it is okay to be strong and even outspoken about who she is.


While this is not entirely accurate I do find it gets to the point of women in Geek culture.


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