Why Kids Need to Experience the Value of Hard Work (Dave Ramsey)

dave ramseyI am a very big fan of Dave Ramsey and have used his training course to get out of debt. In fact his view on most things seems to make a lot of sense. He talks about parenting and having children and introducing house work to children. He used the state, “Teaching a child to work is not child abuse.” this is so true. I know that we think that it is hard to stay on kids to work but what i have discovered is that children do enjoy work and when rewarded they appreciate it even more. Finally the article also states,” Why is this good? It is good because you want your daughter to marry Mr. Right, not Mr. Lazy.” That in itself can be a motivation to have children do chores.

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Dave Ramsey has a book, The Total Money Make Over. It is one of the best books I have read on getting your finances under control.


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