Born with a silver spoon in their mouth

silverbutterknifeMost silver bugs tend to buy either either coins or bonds. Now I am not at all against doing either one, however there are a number of other ways to buy silver. These other ways are also relatively safe because they don’t just sit in a vault some where and the odds of them getting stolen are unlikely. Also your significant other can get behind buying these items too.

1. Jewelry. Oh yes. I said jewelry. Instead of buying coins which your family or significant other may find quaint or not a worth while investment. This is an easy way to get them on board. In general any woman will love getting a neck lace, ring, ear ring and so on, especially if it is a precious a metal. Most jewelry is sterling silver, which means it is 92.5 percent silver. This is a pretty high percentage and comparable to coins. Furthermore, these types of items are easy to transport and relatively easy to store. They will always hold their value and can always be passed on to your children when you are old.

2. Sterling silverware. Everyone has heard the term,”Born with a silver spoon in their mouth.” There is a reason that this statement came about, it is because wealthy people had sterling silver ware. Precious metals are a store of wealth and this is one way to help you get there. Just like silver jewelry, they are generally Sterling silver but can be coin silver. The nice thing about having real silver ware is that you can use it too, although you generally need to polish it. Real silver ware also is much better looking that stainless steel and feels much more solid in your hand. ¬†Furthermore, it has been said that having some silver in your diet can be good for your health.

3. Collectibles. Many things are made out silver, if you go to any silver dealer you will see that there are countless items made out of silver. For instance Provident metals has bullets made out of silver. They are not real, but they are replicas of the real thing. Most of them are pretty affordable and it allows you to buy them without neccesarily being hassled by family. 

The aforementioned items are great ways to get started with collection Silver especially if you are not looking to buy a lot of silver or just want something to hedge your bets about the future.

-Just to clarify, I am not an investment advisor and please do not view this investment advice. All investment and financial decision need to be carefully weighed and are best left to the experts.


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