Deck Heroes (A review)

deckheroeslogoThe last number of weeks I have been playing the online game called Deck Heroes. Its been a blast playing it. You collect cards by beating levels, collecting pieces of cards, buying them and so on. These cards represent creatures that fight for you and they have special abilities such as healing, sniping and so on. The higher the level of these cards the more powerful they are. So you can level them up by earning level cards and them using them on the warriors you have. You do this until you get a strong army together and you can advance in the game.

Beyond there being an area where you can explore there is an arena, where you can battle other players in the game. There are special events where you can gain special items and in game game money which can be used to get even more powerful creatures. So there is a lot to do during the game and you can literally play this for hours and hours. If the game itself isn’t enough there are also guilds you can join which allow you explore whole new areas of the game and opens up even more special items in the game.


The game is very engaging and there is always something new happening in the game. So you wont get bored. Although there is definitely some grinding that one has to do to get higher level, which is expected with a game like this. But with a number of the new special events and having Facebook competitions and events this seems to go to the back burner. I highly recommend this game for those who have some time to burn and want a challenge. In fact you can even join me. My online name is danneskjold and my online id is: 230640693. I have a guild and it is called ragnars raiders.

As much as I enjoy playing this game, I still love playing Magic the Gathering even more.


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