Go Go Gadget Go!

When I was about 5 I went over to my grandfathers house early Saturday morning. One of the most awesome things about staying there was that he had cable. This meant that we got to watch Saturday morning cartoons. My Brother and sister and I would lounge in the big oversize chair and watch many of your favorite childhood cartoons such as MASK, Transformers and Inspector Gadget. We rarely watched tv during this time so this was an amazing treat and I am sure a nice reprieve for my parents cause it gave them a chance to talk with my grandparents.

Inspector Gadget always stuck out to me cause it was kind of one of those zany shows that was totally influenced by Get Smart and Looney Tunes. Having recently rewatched some of the episodes you realize that there was an actual plot line. I think that is something you don’t entirely get when you are 5 and if you don’t watch the show in chronological order. Penny, Brain and Uncle Gadget were great characters and it it amazing to see how much Penny does the crime solving while Inspector Gadget kind of fumbles about and in the end gets the credit. It still leaves me with a couple of questions though. What happened to Penny’s parents? Is Gadget a robot or a cyborg? What or who is Dr Claw?

But this leads me into some great news! Netflix has produced a whole new season of Inspector Gadget. So far it is basically as zany as the previous series and follows a similar premise. Penny/Brain save the day while IG bumbles about and finally gets the credit. However there are some changes. FIrst of it takes place a number of years after the original defeat of Dr. Claw and MAD. So Penny is all grown up and Gadget has a number of upgrades. Claw was frozen during this time and his nephew unfreezes him. But beyond that it is still wacky adventures and lots of humorous adventures with IG. Will IG defeat Dr. Claw and MAD? We don’t know yet but will find out soon enough.

One other reason I really like it so much is because I can watch it with my kids and in many ways it feels as though I am sharing my childhood with them. The show is quite clean and has a lot of overlap with Looney Toons. Penny is a great role model for girls, cause she is humble about her victories and really loves her uncle. So if you get a chance to watch it and want to relive your own childhood, don’t hold back.

The image I used is a URL from Youtube. I do not own this image. If you want it removed please contact me.

If you want to revisit the original series, it is available on Amazon. Inspector Gadget 1983


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