Is it cause he’s yellow? (Why do kids like Bumblebee so much?)

bumblebeeUnfortunately Netflix lost the agreement to Hasbro for all the old Transformers, so therefor I cannot watch it any more. However I am sure that Hulu will end up carrying the new series that is coming out this month (April 2015). I have posted a couple of clips of the new show and I am seriously excited about it. What I keep wondering though is why was the Transformers Prime series cancelled? It was a really good series and I always wanted to see Cybertron reactivated and how the Autobots would live there. But anyways, that kind of breaks away from what I wanted to talk about which is, why is Bumblebee so popular?

I mean seriously what about him is so great. When compared to the other Autobots he is a bit a weakling. They always tout him as this great scout, but I am not sure what that means. Arcee, gets the humans to join the Autobots. Ratchet does all the fixing up and his sensors detect most actions of the Decepticons. Optimus and Bulkhead do the majority of the fighting. Even the newest additions are adding something to the mix, Smokescreen is an amazing fighter and Ultramagnus is basically a junior version of Optimus (in fact in some ways he would be a much better leader by putting an end to the war). I am not gong to include Wheeljack. So where does Bumblebee fit into all this. He is basically a mid level warrior that never gets into trouble and kind of does what he told. He doesn’t even destroy a lot of Decepticons (okay he does take out Megatron, but largely because he is distracted).

But he is going to be the leader in the new series because the other Autobots made it back to Cybertron. So no Smokescreen, Optimus Prime, Arcee, Ultramagnus and so on. He has a team of new autobots, which are going to be tracking down escaped Decepticons. Which sounds really cool, but I almost wish that Smokescreen could have taken over as the leader. He has a natural leader ability and has a lot of gusto about him. So while I am not ripping on Bumblebee and I am glad that he came back and got his voice box it does seem a bit odd to make him the leader.I think it is because people like him so much and the primary reason why people like him so much is because he is yellow and seems to be very easy to relate to.

Awesome Bumblebee toys.


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