Call the doula!

CAM02745Unfortunately I have not been able to post for a couple of weeks. So, some of you may wonder where I have been. Well as I know my daughter was born about 4 weeks ago. It was amazing, she was born very rapidly. She weighed a little over 8 lbs and is remarkably cute. She sleeps all the time and is starting to smile. This is a bit of a new development for me, most of my other kids did not smile immediately or sleep the way this little girl does.
 What I had not addressed was what led up to this wonderful birth. We hired a doula, now I know that not all of you know what exactly that is but I will explain. A doula is sort of like a midwife, however she is not a nurse. She is a support for the mother, during pregnancy and labor and even afterwards. For my wife it was wonderful having someone there that she could text with and or talk too when she had questions about her pregnancy. “Is this normal or does this happen.”
Where it really paid dividends is when my wife went into labor and during labor. The doula gave her advice on when to go to the hospital and was able to advocate for her at the hospital. Even though I have had 3 other kids, I can tell you that when your wife is screaming in pain and the doctors/nurses are going through their check list you lose a lot of power. This is where a doula really helps, she is not as emotionally invested in the birth and is able to help keep the parents wishes.
When labor was happening and we arrived at the hospital, we had my wife be on her knees to give birth. THe doula applied lower back pressure. This led to a rather fast delivery of the baby. It was the fastest baby delivery that my wife and I ever ad. I would recommend a doula to any that is having a baby.

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