Sometimes you have to explain why

Question_in_a_question_in_a_question_in_a_questionSome times you really need to explain why things are the way they are. As a parent you are going to impart your point of view to your kid on just about every thing. Everything from the food they will like to what kind of cars they will drive. So whether you are cognizant of this or not, how you approach politics will forever shape their world view. To me the key is to have your child be critical in their thinking of the world. You (as a person) seem like an intelligent person who questioned the status quo. There for it is very likely that you will pass that on to your kids.

Also discussing issues and being open about them will help them figure things out. The amazing thing about children is that they are very consistent in their view of the world. They don’t play the mental gymnastics that adults do. I have been challenged a number of times by my 6 year old on why things are the way they are. He asked me about why someone would burn down a house, cause according to him that was wrong. He also asked me why men can’t marry men. It really makes you think about these things and have to boil them down to concepts that they can follow.

As I said earlier, you don’t really teach them that much. They follow what you say and they will take on your world view largely by osmosis. But don’t take that for granted because if your world outlook doesn’t make sense and with all of the information around them they may reject what you say. They also have friends and will encounter the world and they will challenge their views and perceptions. This is where your strong parenting and being open will hopefully pay off and they will be critical of what information they accept and not accept.


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