The dinosaurs went wild (My Jurassic Park adventure)

CAM02997Instead of going to watch the movie Jurassic World I went to the Virginia Beach Aquarium. They had their latest exhibit on display, Dinosaurs. My kids charged and wanted to see all the different dinosaurs and check out the games that you could play there. There was a Triceratops head you could climb on and sit on. Which my kids and other kids for about 30 minutes. CAM02996 CAM02999 CAM03003

There were multiple other dinosaurs that you could look at including one exhibit that showed the internal workings of the dinosaurs. My daughter was a bit afraid of the T-rex.

CAM03004 CAM03005   CAM03013 CAM03014  CAM03016 CAM03017 CAM03021

They also had a couple of activities you could participate in such as a mock dino excavation. You could use a brush to uncover dino bones.


Then you could also put your face on a dino. They loved it. Please keep up the awesome work Virginia Aquarium.

CAM03030   CAM03033


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