It’s So Sad (What happened in Charleston)

I was planning on posting something different today, but instead I felt as thought it was important to write about the very tragic event in Charleston, SC. A young white man went to a traditionally black church and killed 9 people. He killed these people cause they were black. According to a woman who survived the shooting he said extremely inflammatory language when talking about African Americans that I wont bother repeating and used that as his reason for killing them. This is extremely bothersome to hear, especially after the much celebrating of having the first African American president.

There never is a justification for violence and this man should be held accountable for his actions.

I have prayed for the people who are involved in this, that God will give them peace during this time. I also pray that God will let us reflect on this event and let cooler heads prevail and realize that this is not becoming of a civilized society.

These are the 09 people that were killed: BUZZFEED

This is an indepth talk on the event.


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