Peace in the house, Consistency above all else

peaceYour oldest one is running around. Your second child throws something across the room. The third child is crying because they just got hit in the head with whatever was thrown by the second child. You look around the room and you literally have no idea where to start. Do you go for the first one, the second child or the third child. You can stop each one and talk to them individually and attempt to make a corrective action, the primary key in all of this is consistency. Regardless of whatever you do, the same actions have to be done again and again and again.

One of the toughest things that I deal with as a parent is being consistent. Letting things slide, letting things go or looking the other way leads to kids thinking that they can get away with just about anything. This is a situation that has to be avoided at all costs. Children do have to understand that there are rules and there are consequences for their actions. Just as much as a grown up couldsteal something from a store because they can get away with it, doesn’t mean that there should not be any consequences. Grown-ups understand there’s consequences for actions. While children may not be as sophisticated as adults and may not necessarily always understand this. It is very important to remind them that there are consequences, especially if they do the same thing again and again.

Consistency for me has meant that I would either talk to my kids or punish them in some way according to the action. I’ve kept this up for several months and have been very consistent this has led to the children realizing that yeah they could do this, but their actions would be held against them. Eventually they understood that as long as they were doing bad there would be consequences for their actions. We’ve now come to the place where my kids understand this. They obey and don’t try to even tempt me. It has led to a much more peaceful house and a much more peaceful environment. So, for people who struggle with their kids causing issues and being naughty, this is what has worked for me and has led me to being much happier with my children.

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