Let girls be girls and boys be boys

People say that gender is a societal construct and I’m sure there is some truth to that. However as a father of four children, two boys and two girls I can attest that feminine and masculine traits were there from the start. Time and time again each one shows which gender they are. This is even the case with number three who is a girl and is heavily influenced by the older two which are boys.

Maggie with water gun.

Maggie with water gun.

It’s not that my kids are hyper- masculine or hyper- feminine. In fact I am not a parent who really pushes my kids into one or the other type of role. This doesn’t mean I push androgyny either, I let nature take its course. Which is rather amazing as my kids would never be confused for being the opposite gender.

My oldest loves adventure, guns, robots, rocket ships and talking about getting a job as a rocket pilot. My second son is a wild child he loves to fight, run around with bare feet, build forts, climb trees, shoot guns (play ones), and told me he wants to join the Army. Lastly my third kid who is a girl is a total girly girl, she likes to talk, My Little Pony, the color pink, dresses, makeup, beautiful women and I could go on and on. Even from when they were young, I’ve done very little to encourage these types of behaviors.

Yes, this information is anecdotal and I’m sure there are parents with different experiences. However as a pretty normal family, I cannot imagine most parents having a different experience. That is why I would advise parents to let their kids develop on their own pace and not worry too much about whether their kids are masculine or feminine. Each kid is unique and will become their own beautiful self.


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