Are You That Bored That You Need An Affair?

In the last couple of days a group of hackers released the names of individuals that used the affair site known as Ashley Madison. Apparently there were approximately 40 million users of the site with a possible 1% being women. It makes you ask yourself a lot of questions, are people really just that bored with their life that they need an affair? Do they really need this kind of thrill in order to make things better for them? Why not just get a divorce, if you really want to play the field? Why are you doing this? Why did you get married in the first place? Also, do you not realize that the odds of you being caught are still astronomically high? The internet is not the safest or the most secure place to be doing these kinds of activities.

Matrimonio Gimmi+Olga

          Marriage is something Beautiful

In general, the United States considers marriage to be sacred. But when you realize that a little over 10% of the population within the United States is looking to have an affair, half of all marriages end in divorce and we have multiple generations of people treat marriage like it’s nothing. Also lets not forget marriage is ridiculed on television you really have to ask yourself if Americans think marriage is sacred. I understand that cheating and adultery have always been part of human existence however Ashley Madison just seems to shove it in everybody’s face. Hopefully after all these revelations makes people think twice about having an affair with a person.

Being married and remaining married is not easy. Marriage takes work, takes diligence, it takes a lot of swallowing your pride and a lot of compromise in order to remain married. Adultery is not a new thing, especially considering that the internet can put you into contact with thousands and thousands of people. This revelation will most likely make people realize that their spouse can cheat on them. It may also make people realize that they would definitely never have an affair either. This realization should also reinforce the bonds of their relationship with one another.

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2 thoughts on “Are You That Bored That You Need An Affair?

  1. Well, maybe it is good for some people to realize their spouse might be tempted to have an affair,or to divorce them,keeps us a bit more careful in what we do and say………

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