Its your own fault and no one elses

415px-The_Avenging_Conscience_movie_posterWhen you raise your children you instill in them your morals and values. Im assuming that most of these values are rather universal. You don’t hit other kids, you don’t lie, you don’t steal and so on. Sure there are outliers however this is not the norm. As you grow older some of these things may change but overall what you were taught in kindergarten holds true. As an adult some of these rules have even stronger consequences then when you were little. If you steal or hurt some one you go to jail.

The consequences of your actions are because of the actions you conducted. Even though there can be extenuating circumstances such as stealing bread to feed your hungry children or lying in order not get hurt. Yes these actions by themselves are still wrong and against the law but there are extenuating circumstances. This means that if you are tried in a court these could help explain why you did it. But as we have seen over the last couple of weeks, there are few excuses for the actions of the shooting of a journalist and their camera man, the Ashley Madison revelations and Josh Duggars infidelity.

Every person was raised to know right from and knows what that is even if they have extenuating circumstances. There is no excuse to be a murderer or a cheater (not the same thing). They did wrong and they knew it. As parents we can only be examples and show them what is right and wrong. Hopefully we can be effective teachers and have our children never stray from this path. However at the end of the day they are adults and they are responsible for the decisions they make.

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