Are you like your parents?

720px-Wigeon_(Anas_penelope)_parentingIn the last couple of weeks I have had some time to reflect on things. It has struck me how much of my parenting is based on my parents parenting style. There are many times when I think,”That is how my mom would do it.” It feels easy and natural. I think that my parents were very good parents even if they didn’t have a BMW. But I wonder what would happen if your parents were not such great parents or you had an unhappy childhood. Would your actions reflect that?

Unfortunately I think it would. Because one who came from a not so good parenting home would need to figure out what they would need to do. In fact they may not even realize that their parenting style was not so great. What could change that?


2 thoughts on “Are you like your parents?

  1. You are right! You have to figure out what to do. You sort of know what not to do. If one has faith in Christ, one has access to the source of all wisdom and truth. I know this doesn’t guarantee perfect parenting. Not buy any stretch. But someone who earnestly seeks wisdom and prays for the fruit of the spirit to be shown in their lives will be blessed. Additionally, in Jesus, we are not left alone. We have His body, the church. In a good congregation, one with life in it, there are mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers etc. and I don’t mean the blood relative kind. I mean the kind we inherit as the Lord’s adopted children. Through this new family we often find the examples of parenting we crave, and we can learn to imitate the good things we see. We can humbly ask those we admire to guide us and hold us accountable too. We can help our children become knit into this family and when things go well this new family has a great positive influence. When we feel like we are exhausted in our roles we can be encouraged and lifted up by our new family as well.

    • I agree that being in a community helps alot when raising children. Each one is able to help and show you how to raise your children. The bible is the source of all wisdom and truth and will help guide parents learn how to raise their kids. Also it gives parents a goal to strive for which is the ultimate goal.

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