“Kids these days” are they really that bad?


In the last couple of months there have been a lot of videos of police violence. Recently there was a video of a teenager being thrown out of her chair by a police officer. Now, I am not here to discuss police violence or what happened in this instance but instead the comments that are being thrown out about this situation. One of the ones I keep seeing is,ā€ We are raising a generation of kids that defies authority and wont show proper respect.ā€ This is a very extreme statement that I wonder if it bears any kind of merit?

First off, I have four children and I tend to think that I am raising them in a good manner. They are generally polite and respectful of adults. Now due to the fact that I have kids I am around other children and most of the ones I have met have been quite pleasant and friendly. In fact most of have been more then respectful and are very obedient. This may be anecdotal but I have met a lot of kids since my oldest was born 7 year ago, I have also lived in a variety of different neighborhoods ranging from moderate to low income with a diverse group of people in each one. This makes me wonder where is the disrespect or the questioning of authority?

Maybe, I am missing the point of these comments and maybe there really is a break down of society or are we throwing the baby out with the bath water?


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