Don’t you just love sharing the magic of Star Wars with your kids?

20151103_204018We all remember that moment, the moment when those big yellow letters come streaming across the screen and the trumpets come blaring in. I think most of us can name very moment we heard it. 30 years later the magic of Star Wars has not died and continues to live on. This is why I am so excited. In December there is a new Star Wars movie coming out and what makes me even more excited is that I get to share this with my kids. The lights dim and the screen turns black and then the magic begins!

20151103_204008For me, I remember the first time I watched Star Wars, I think I was about 6 and my dad was watching tv down stairs. I came and joined him and he was watching Star Wars A New Hope. I had no idea what exactly what it was but it left an impression on me. I made games about it, I told stories about it and so on. It wasn’t until years later when I was about 11 that I watched it again and again and again. I couldn’t get enough.

20151103_203727So here I am almost 30 years later and I get to share the joy of Star Wars with my kids. I cannot wait to hear the intro and the the big yellow letters scrolling across the screen and seeing their reactions to the screaming lasers, the ominous dark jedi and the wonderful heroes saving the day. Then after the theatre we can talk about it and maybe, just maybe watch the other 6 movies. Its going to be awesome!


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