Four great kids shows and two annoying ones

The beauty of netflix and hulu is that it is much easier to watch decent tv shows and I can also monitor what it is they watch. There is a lot of brain rot on tv but there is also a lot of great tv that I am more then happy to let them watch. Here are a couple of shows that I have really enjoyed watching with them and a couple that are annoying

Bob the Builder.

BTB is a great tv show. It is all about a man that has a working crew. His crew consists of Wendy a female construction worker and an assortment of various alive construction vehicles such as a loader, a dumper Street paper and so on. The episodes for the most part are pretty formulaic, but fun to watch because they deal with people working together, obstacles they run into and having fun together. Furthermore the show is in in British English, thereby kids who watch it end up using the term lori and various other english terms which can be rather amusing.

Daniels tiger neighborhood.

Daniels tiger neighborhood is a show which is based on Mr. Rogers neighborhood which was a show that was featured in the 80s and the 90s. Daniel’s neighborhood is very similar to the show it follows. Daniel walk inside and puts on his sweater and talks about things that are going on. It’s a bit of an update to the show as it moves faster and it is a cartoon. It teaches kids about other cultures, animals and so on. I like the show because it could go to being a rather cheesy show and get annoying but it walks a fine line between being engaging and not getting annoying.

Sesame street

Obviously Sesame Street had to make the list. I mean honestly who has not watched the show? It is a great show and the content manages to stay fresh even being on the air for forever. They also have changed from having Bert and Ernie and Big Bird as the main characters to having Elmo, Abby Gadabbie and so on as the new main characters. Which helps keep the show fresh. They also know that parents watch this show and they bring celebrities on the show and parody other tv shows such as Glee, NCIS and so on to introduce a letter or concept. Its definitely worth watching even as a parent.

Wild Kratts.

My youngest son loves animals and anything nature and if your child loves that stuff too then this is the show for. The show is about 2 brothers, the Kratts, who are nature scientists and they start each episodes off by talking about the animal of the day. Once this concludes they are then turned into cartoon characters and end up using the power of that animal to fight the bad guys. What makes this show pretty impressive is that they use a lot of complicated terms such Crysalis, pupa and so on. Trust me when I say your jaw will drop when your kid busts out one of those terms when talking about an animal.


Having been a fan of Transformers this show appealed to me and my kids. The episodes are about a t-rex and his buddies. They live in the desert and deal with various issues such as sand storms, bad dinosaurs, drought and so on. What makes the series good is that it focuses on team work and friendship. All the different little dinosaurs add a piece to the puzzle of getting things done. There is also an over arching story going on which is surprising for a kids show. Oyeah and there are 5 minute long episodes if you want to treat your kids.

The annoying….

Doc Mcstuffins.

I am not saying I dislike this show. I do like it. However the songs are very catchy, infact so fatchy that they will be stuck in your head all day long. Now having said that the show is very positive, it shows a little who imitates her mom who who is a doctor. She goes of and fixes and heals her toys. Also her parents are married and have a good marriage. It’s a show that conveys a lot of messages and I recommend it heartily (one episode at the time).

and then the really annoying


Cailou is a Canadian kids show about a little boy. It is absolutely atrocious to watch. Here is why. The little kid is annoying and has a very annoying voice. He whines about everything. In fact after I let my son watch it a couple of times he started talking and whining like Cailou. I thought it might have been a fluke, but my other son started doing it too and when I googled it this was a trend. In fact there has a been an online petition launched to have this show taken of the air because of how whiny it is. Good call other parents. Please avoid this show like the plague.


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