This is the way the cookie crumbles

My son was recently at the hospital and while he was there he was given the game Cookie Crumble. The game comes in a little tin and is one of those games you see off to the side in the gaming section of most major retail stores. At first glance one is led to think that the game is a card game much like the infamous UNO or memory. But it is a very nice breath of fresh air. The game is very simple, everyone is given a recipe card for a cookie. Then the ingredient cards are spread face down on the table and the objective is to complete your recipe first.


You start by saying,”Ready, Set, Bake!” Every one just starts drawing a card until the recipe is complete. It goes very fast, until someone draws a rotten egg. Once that is drawn the player puts all their ingredient cards back into pile. The other players just go on as normal. It’s a surprisingly fast paced game but there is a certain strategy to it. Also as I play it more I can definitely see other strategy developing. Such as throwing the rotten egg card or ingredients that they don’t need, near you opponent.


So far I have played it a handful of times and have enjoyed it a lot. The game is easy enough for my 4 year old to play and it is definitely challenging enough for an adult. The pace is very rapid and keeps the kids attention. It’s a combination of some skill and luck and the game is easy to learn so basically any one can jump in and play. I would definitely recommend this game for any one.


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