Another game to avoid (if you don’t want to have fun)

20151126_190418There are a staple of games out there that most people will end up buying for their kids, such as Candy Land, Monopoly and so on. The reality is that while these games are fun, there are much better games out there. I went out to try to find those games. The website 538 has a list of alternative games. One of the games listed was “Loopin’ Louie”. It is a game that was released in the 90’s and looking at amazon is still available but very expensive. So I didn’t end up buying it because of that. However a couple of months later I happened to run across: Loopin’ Chewie.


Loopin’ Chewie is the exact same premise as Loopin’ Louie, there is a little plane that goes around in a cicle and you use your level to knock him up in the air with the intent to knock out the opponents coins. If they lose all three they lose the game. There are ways to make the game harder, this is done by flipping the end of the lever forward and decreasing the size of the lever. But the real challenge is being gentle with the game so you don’t knock your own coins out.

loopin chewie

It is a very engaging game that is a challenge for adults and kids because of this it is game that can be played by all ages. The kids dig it cause its funny to knock Chewie up into the air and adults will find it a challengeĀ  because of the finesse involved with knocking him up in the air. In playing the game I have discovered that I can really get into this game and the same with my kids. They practice all different kind of maneuvers to knock the coins out. The game is fast paced and challenging and we will keep on playing. The biggest thing that makes this game unique is that even if you are knocked out as a third player you can keep on playing by attempting to knock out the other players.


If you want a game that is highly engaging and fun for all ages this is another game that you can get and will very much enjoy. I highly recommend it.


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