Time for your check up…

20151104_114349As of about two months ago my daughter has been obsessed with Doc Mc Stuffins. It came on and I would actually be annoyed at the songs, they would sing. However as I would eventually watch the show and follow the plot line I began to realize that the show is a lot of fun and realistic to boot.

Children are creatures who love helping, imitating and routine. This is what this show is all about. The main character “Doc” is a little girl who loves helping broken toys. She talks with them in a very imaginative manner and fixes them. This brings in another part of what kids do, they imitate their parents. In this case docs mom is a doctor and Doc imitates her mom by healing her toys.

20151104_114447My own kids do this to, by pretending to be soldiers, cooking food and taking care of baby dolls. My daughter pretends to be a doctor and has a stethoscope which she uses to check other people out.

The show shows kids in a positive light and not just that but Doc’s family has a mom and a dad who are married and are very loving to Works their children. It is a healthy environment that Doc is in. Even though some of the songs are annoying and the plot can be repetitive the show is worth it for kids. Just don’t watch it too many episodes in a row. Hey who knows, maybe your daughter will be inspired to be a doctor because she watched this.



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