He loves volcanoes too.

My youngest son, loves science and nature. He constantly asked me questions about birds and trees and rocks and you name it. It’s absolutely wonderful to watch his little mind just go back and forth between nature and the things that he sees and animals. He uses my downstairs bathroom as his chemical laboratory. Here he takes soap and other liquids laying around the house and mixes them up.

He’s a huge fan of the show Wild Cratts and will also watch National Geographic. Which I still don’t entirely understand, because I kind of find that stuff boring. But I know that my grandfather loved that stuff, so I’m sure that the Holtland spirit lives on.

My mother-in-law, his grandma, bought them a science set, Green Kids Crafts, to play with. It has a couple of different experiments that they can conduct. The latest one, was a volcano. I snapped a bunch of photos showing us build it. If you want to have some fun with your kids, this is a wonderful way to spend time with your children. So here it is:


The picture on the right is the final results. There is alot of liquid around the volcano. I recommend putting it on a cookie sheet or a plate with ridges to avoid flooding your table. But it was totally worth it to see their reactions.


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